GPCP-Interim Data

The GPCP Monthly Interim analysis is constructed in a similar manner to the final GPCP monthly analysis,
except that for the input gauge analysis, the GPCC First Guess product is replaced by the GPCC Monitoring
Product. The First Guess product must be re-gridded from 1 degree to 2.5 degree; this is achieved by
subsampling to 0.5 degree and then averaging to 2.5 degree. The re-gridded data is then saved in the
same format as the Monitoring product and the same code is used to construct the GPCP Monthly Interim.
Please note that the GPCP Interim should be regarded as a provisional product - users should replace the
GPCP Interim analysis  collected with the final GPCP data once the former becomes available.

If you would like to receive an email each month when the GPCP Interim is updated, please send an email 
to with the subject line: "Add GPCP Interim List".

Download GPCP-Interim Data

The GPCP-Interim is not intended for permanent/long-term use, only as a interim estimate until the 
release of the full GPCP. Users are stongly discouraged from using the GPCP Interim for months when the 
full GPCP is available. Here are the GPCP Interim data in NetCDF format for the last two months (full 
GPCP data unavailable yet):

March 2018
February 2018
The full record of GPCP ICDR data from September 2016 can be obtained by using: wget -r -l1 -nd