Global Precipitation Climatology Project (GPCP) Overview

The GPCP has been in existence for over twenty years as part of the Global Energy and Water Cycle
Exchanges (GEWEX) effort under the World Climate Research Program (WCRP).  Under the GEWEX structure 
GPCP reports to the GEWEX Data and Assessment Panel (GDAP), which coordinates global observational 
analyses of water and energy cycle variables.  The overall goal of GPCP is to provide the research 
and applications communities with high quality global analyses of precipitation at monthly and 
shorter time scales for climate analysis based on a combination of satellite and ground-based data 
sets.  The GPCP data sets have been used in over 1500 articles in scientific journals and have become 
a standard in the analysis of global precipitation.

The GPCP Monthly product provides a consistent analysis of global precipitation from an integration 
of various satellite data sets over land and ocean and a gauge analysis over land (Huffman et al., 
1997).  Improvements to the original version have been made at irregular intervals over the past 
years (Adler et al., 2003; Huffman et al., 2009) with Version 2.2 being available since 2012.  A new 
Version 2.3 has been released in 2016.  A daily product (Huffman et al., 2001) is available starting 
in late 1997 and a pentad product is available from 1979 to the near present (Xie et al., 2003).

The GPCP products have resulted from the efforts of a number of people and organizations, both 
academic and government-based, sometimes under specific funding and often on a volunteer basis.  
Currently, and over the past decade or so, the following have contributed significantly to the 
development and production of the GPCP analysis products:

Robert Adler    University of Maryland
George Huffman  NASA Goddard Space Flight Center
David Bolvin    NASA Goddard Space Flight Center/SSAI
Eric Nelkin     NASA Goddard Space Flight Center/SSAI
Udo Schneider   GPCC, Deutscher Wetterdienst
Andreas Becker  GPCC, Deutscher Wetterdienst
Long Chiu       George Mason University
Mathew Sapiano  University of Maryland
Pingping Xie    Climate Prediction Center, NWS, NOAA
Ralph Ferraro   NESDIS, NOAA
Jian-Jian Wang  University of Maryland
Guojun Gu       University of Maryland

Additional information may be obtained from the following references.

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Other GPCP References:

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The dataset curator is:
Dr. Jian-Jian Wang
ESSIC, University of Maryland College Park
College Park, MD  20742  USA
   Phone: +1 301-405-4887